1. What is your product?

We use AI technology to learn the unique features of your pets and generate images of them in different styles and settings. These images can look like photographs, paintings or illustrations. Each image is built from scratch and completely unique – no other customer will have an image with the exact same background or setting. 

We also have a team of artist to curate every image generated to make sure that they are beautiful and deserving of you and your furry best friend. Every image you receive will be of high quality and picture frame worthy! 

You always knew that your dog has the air of a royalty, and now you can generate an image of them dressed as such.

2. What are the steps I need to take to create my pet’s images?

Step 1: Select the number of images you want to receive. Currently, you can select between 10, 20 and 30 images at a price of $12, $22 and $30 respectively.

Step 2: Select the art styles you want your images to be in. This ranges from having your pet snowboarding, to your pet in a Van Gogh style painting. 

Step 3: Upload 10-20 photographs of your pet. We need these photographs to understand what your pet looks like and create accurate art of them. 

Step 4: Checkout and pay! Sit back and wait for the images to arrive in your inbox within 2 business days. 

3. What are different styles of images we can choose from? 

Head over to the page ‘Styles‘ to see the different styles we have and exemplar images of each style. 

4. What makes you different from other AI images generator? 

We have a team of professional artists who curates all the images before we send them to you. This ensures that every image we send to you is beautiful. 

5. What photos of my pet should I upload? 

We recommend a total of around 20 photos. The higher the quality of the photos you upload, the better the results could potentially be. Some guidelines for the photos are:

  • The same pet.
  • 15 images in a variety of backgrounds, tilts and angles.
  • 5 close ups of your pet’s face/ muzzle.
  • No group shots with humans and other pets. 
  • No shots from afar.
  • No shots without the full muzzle.
  • Do not have the same background in all the images e.g. do not take 20 photos of your dog in the same chair.

6. What species of animals can you generate images for? 

Currently, our product is limited to dogs and cats. We are actively looking into expanding our product range into other pets such as rabbits and hamsters. Please look forward to it!

7. Can I get a refund?

Unfortunately, we start training the AI model the moment we receive your order. This incurs a significant amount of cost to us in terms of GPU runtime and we are unable to offer a refund. 

8. How are the images distributed across the styles I selected?

The quantity of images you purchase are distributed across the styles you have selected. We will do our best to make sure that each of the styles you selected will have at least one representative image. 

9. Can I request for more images in one particular style? 

We are working to support this feature. Look forward to that in the near future!

10. What do you do with our uploaded images, generated model and generated images? 

These data are incredibly helpful for us to train our AI model and improve our offerings to you over time. We keep them secured in a cloud infrastructure carefully secured through AWS security policies. Please contact us if you will like us to delete your data.

We will not share your photos and data with anyone. We will also not display your images unless we have permission from you.   

11. What are the payment methods that you offer? 

You can choose between two different secure payment portals – Paypal and Stripe, to make payment.

12. What is the output image size? 

You will get images sized at 512 px x 512 px now. We are working hard to bring you upscaling abilities.

13. What can we do with the images we receive? 

There’s no end to the possibilities about what you can with the images. Print them on a t-shirt, put them up as NFTs or display a life size poster in your pet’s bedroom at their eye level.  

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